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him, and out the window, where the morning light fell
through the bare branches of trees.

The other people began to move about. All of the women
except one went into the dining-room. The little hoys talked
to each other in low voices. Portia Ball, who had lingered
behind her sisters, said: " Breakfast won't be ready for about
five minutes. I'll call you all." Then she followed the other
women into the dining-room, and shut the door.

" Let's go outside and get a breath before we eat," Doctor
MacDonald said to Mr. Munn. Mr. Munn nodded,' and
followed out into the hall, and to the porch. Doctor Mac-
Donald took out his pipe, packed it, and lighted it. He
balanced himself with his toes sticking over the edge of the
porch and looked out over the slope toward the academy
building. The new smoke, bluish and paling against the sky,
was wreathing up from one of the two big chimneys there.

Doctor MacDonald took his pipe out of his mouth. "A
lot of praying goes on round here," he remarked.

Mr. Munn nodded.

"Yeah," Doctor MacDonald went on, "that's a fact. I
reckon I've worn out a right smart carpet with my knee-caps
since I married Cordelia. And me not a churchy man, so
to speak. Come down to it"—he took a drag of the pipe, and
slowly, with relish, exhaled the smoke—"short of being an
infidel, and just damning my soul outer pure and unadulter-
ated cantankerousness, you might say I go as far as the next
man in wrapping myself in carnal concerns. I'm not proud
of it, but "you know how it is; a lot of things, good and bad,
comes closer to a man's hand than praying and reading in
the Book, and a man goes his way. And things I've seen
done, seen with my own eyes, mind you, looked like some-
thing a little different from the workings of God's grace."

" I reckon everybody sees something like that," Mr. Munn
observed, " if he lives half his span,"

" Yeah, yeah," Doctor MacDonald said abstractedly, a hint
of impatience in his tone, "but the things I've seen done.
With my own eyes. Before I hit here, and I reckon I've seen